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4th Annual Friends of Fasst Ride!

4th Annual Friends of Fasst Ride!

Since we moved Fasst Company's headquarters to Washington, Utah in 2010 we've hosted an annual industry ride.  We wanted to illustrate why we moved from the hot bed of the industry in So Cal to the high desert of Utah.  After the ride everyone who attended clearly sees why we are here, and typically want an introduction to the Washington City welcoming committee!

This year's ride will be hard to replicate, we were blessed with amazing dirt, scattered showers, amazing people, and some of the most talented riders in the world. It's a rare day when you get Destry Abbott, Mike Brown, David Knight, Cory Graffunder, Jacob Argubright, Toby Price, and host of other champions in one location for a day of play riding.  Antees were upped as challenges grew harder and harder throughout the day. It's really cool to see some of the world's best riders enjoying our awesome terrain, jetting around from one obstacle to another hooting and hollering.  With over 70 friends of Fasst in attendance from brands, media and dealers nation wide an incredible show was put on by the elite riders throughout the day.

All in all it was an amazing day on the trail with great people.


Check out the videos and photos below to see some of what went down!



Seat Time's Brian Pierce has some awesome helmet cam footage on his sight.  Half the fun in Texas left when Brian visited us!  Check him out, oh, he's the big wad at the end of the video above.

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