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BMW 800/1200 GS/GSA Flexx Handlebar instillation instructions

BMW 800/1200 GS/GSA Flexx Handlebar instillation instructions

Thank you for choosing Flexx Handlebars for your BMW. We are confident you will enjoy their abuse and vibration reduction for a better day of riding.  Installing your Flexx Handlebar on the BMW does take a little time and patience.  If you run into problems or have any questions please call (877-306-1801) or email us, we are always happy to help. 

We suggest reading through the directions before removing your stock bar so you have a clear picture of all the BMW details. In addition to the metric tools required to work on your BMW you will also need a 3.7mm-4mm/#27 drill bit and possibly a 4x.75 tap, depending on what year your BMW is and how BMW spec'd it.

Lisa Thomas's Flexx Handlebar controlled GSA 800.  


-Start by taking note of where and how all of your controls, cables, lines and wires are located.

-Clip all zip ties and undue all cable ties so all wires and lines are free. 

-Remove bar end cap bolt, thus removing the bar end cap, and freeing up the hand guard to be removed with the perches. Leave the hand guard attached to the perch.

-Remove the clutch perch, use a #25 torx bit.

-Remove bar end.

-Before removing the instrument pod it is a good idea to take note of the angle the switches sit at with an angleometer. If you have an iphone you have an angleometer in your compass app. Measuring the angle vertically on the high/low switch seems to be the most accurate when measuring and repeatable on the install.

-Remove the left side instrument pod, it should require 2mm allen, but could be a T20 torx. You should be able to loosen the bolts pinching the pod together, then slide the pod off of the end of the bar once the left grip has been removed. If the wires prevent the pod from sliding all of the way off leave it loose and slide it off when you remove the bar from the clamps.
-You will notice that the left grip hangs off of the bar about an inch, the exposed area of the grip is supported by the bar end which you just removed.
-Remove the left grip. The left grip is mounted on a grip tube and bolted to the bar.  To remove the left grip you will need a #20 torx. The left grip is bolted to the bar.  Roll back the inside flange of the left grip and you will see the bolt.
-On some models there are two bolts securing the left grip, others have a through bolt and nut.  
-Now all of your clutch side controls should be removed, unless you are waiting to slide the instrument pod off when removing the bar.

 Left side grip bolt. 

-Remove the right side bar end cap.
-On some model you'll need to remove the insert that supports the grip and mounts the end cap. Newer models do not use the grip insert support.
-Remove the brake perch with a #25 torx.
-To remove the throttle you will need to remove the cover on the right side instrument pod, this will expose the torx that needs to be loosened to slide the pod off with the throttle. Now use a #20 torx to loosen either the two, one through, throttle assembly bolts as well. If possible leave the instrument pod and throttle loose so they can be slid off of the end the bar when removing the bar from the clamp.
-Now you are ready to remove the bar. Unbolt the the bar mount caps, maneuver the bar so all of the controls can be slide off.

-Now it’s time to install your Flexx Handlebar. Start by sliding your left and right side controls onto the bar and then placing the bar into the bar clamps.  It is easiest to put your throttle assembly on upside down so the metal bracket hangs. 
-Adjust the bar to your preferred location. Most riders prefer the bar at 25* towards them. This puts you in a powerful position on and off-road, both sitting and standing. 
-With the bars adjusted  it is time to adjust your controls, specifically the left side  Because the left grip and instrument pod bolt to the bar careful attention needs to be paid to where you adjust it. It is a good idea to loosely mount all of your controls at this time, sit on the bike and work through riding range of motion to be sure you can operate all of your controls and switches both sitting and standing. 
-Once you have all of your controls adjusted to your preferences it is time to secure the left grip tube and pod. You will need to drill and tap two holes in the left side handle approximately 90mm form the end of the bar. We recommend installing the bar weight at this time to verify your grip tube and instrument pod are in the correct location.
 -Most riders prefer their left instrument pod set from 55-60* based on the high low switch with the switch moved to the upward position. 
-With the left instrument pod in your preferred position, roll back the inner flange of the grip to mark the upper mounting hole location.  You can also mark the lower bolt position as well but we suggest checking the lower hole location again once the upper hole has been tapped.
-We suggest removing the left side instrument pod and grip to drill and tap the mounting hole. The bar can be completely removed or left on the bike for this step. Sometimes it is easier to drill and tap the handle in vice.

-Use a 3.7mm or #27 drill to drill the upper hole.  Next tap the hole with a 4x.75 tap. Go slow when tapping the hole, only cutting a few threads at a time, then backing the tap out to clear the debris. If you try to tap all the way through without backing the tap out you will break the tap off in the bar. 
-With the hole tapped we suggest mounting the left grip on the bar, threading the upper bolt in, and then verifying your lower bolt hole location before proceeding to drill and tap the lower hole.
-If you removed the bar for drilling and tapping reinstall it. If you left the bar on the bike reinstall the left side controls. 
-With all of the controls mounted, verify everything is adjusted to your preferences and tighten all bolts to factory specifications.
-Gear up and go ride!

Flexx Handlebars are very tunable. Most adventure riders prefer either our Blue (soft) or Yellow (medium) compression elastomer with a Yellow (medium) rebound elastomer, the rebound elastomer is shorter than the compression elastomer.  Base settings on the nut is three threads showing outside of the nut. If you turn the nut in it will stiffen the bar, backing it off will make it more compliant.  If you need help dialing in your elastomers, or have any questions or concerns please call us, we love to help our riders. 877-306-1801


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