ABI200 Applications & Installation

Application Chart

Applications Part Number
Flexx Handlebars ABI-200
7/8" Aluminum (Renthal and most other aluminum 7/8") ABI-200
1 1/8" Aluminum (Renthal Fat Bar, Pro Taper and most oversized aluminum bars with 13.5mm I.D.) (Will not work in Pro Taper Contour as of Summer 2023) ABI-200
All Twin Wall / Double Wall ABITW-300


Installation Instructions

  1. Lightly Lubricate the o-ring and bar insert. To much grease will cause the bar insert to spin. Before installing in pro-taper style bars, remove the o-ring and install the insert to make sure that it fits all the way in. If it fits easily, try it with the o-ring on. The o-ring is optional, it may have to be removed on some bars.
  2. Install the bar insert by pushing only on the allen bolt with a 5mm allen wrench. If you press on the bar insert cap, you will not be able to push it all the way in. This will also damage the expansion piece.
  3. If installing with hand guards follow the diagram to the right.
  4. Tighten allen bolt snug, not too tight. Apply the grip over the bar and Bar Insert on the left side. Slide the throttle tube over the bar and Bar Insert on the right side.

Anti Vibration Insert Installation