Bar Bend Charts

Flexx Handlebars are an investment. Consequently we spend more time helping customers determine the right bar bend for them and their preferences than any other handlebar brand. This is known as ergonomics, the study of ones efficiency in their working environment. 

With Flexx Handlebars not only do you have a variety of bar bends at your fingertips to run exactly what works best for you, but you also get unparalleled abuse reduction. This provides you with the highest performing handlebar available, combining less vibration, subdued impacts, and improved ergonomics for a better day riding. You can learn more about our philosophy with abuse reduction HERE.

Click the link below to see more detailed bar bend information. We have a list of OEM bar bends as well as popular bar bends, and what our most comparable bar bend is. 

Already have Flexx Bars but aren't sure what bend they are? Click HERE to help identify which bar bend you have. 

 Bar Bend Guidance

Curious which bar bend to run? Take a minute to read through our bar bend blogs! Don’t hesitate to holler with any questions or concerns regarding bar bend, we’re here to help and more than happy to do so!

Need help selecting the best bar bend for you and your preferences? We'd love to help! Please call (877) 306-1801 or email.