Meet Us

The Fasst Family


Cole Townsend


Cole's the epitome of core moto. Eating, sleeping, and breathing moto is an understatement. A walking encyclopedia for all things two wheels. If you want to know who won the 125cc Broom Tioga National in 1992, Cole's got you covered. Cole and his younger brother, Kevin, grew up racing throughout the 90s which laid the foundation for what would eventually become Fasst Company. In the late 90s Cole was a freshman in college when he designed an industry first Spoke Torque Wrench, Fasst Company was born and the rest is history. More than 20yrs later, Cole's still in the office almost daily, heading up development and gracing us with his vast knowledge of moto history. Cole still spends most of his spare time at the track, this time around it's with his wife and two boys. Pictured above at the famed creek at Loretta Lynns, both boys are great riders and loving everything moto has to offer. 

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Chris Tidwell 

Vice President

Chris is the nuts and bolts here at Fasst Company. The ying to Coles yang. Chris' family has a long lineage of history in the District 37 scene. In fact, Chris' grandpa was a founding members of the Jackrabbits MC and Chris' dad raced Baja when Chris was a kid, so naturally Chris was destined for off road. While attending college in the late 90s, Chris was a parts manager at Mid Cities Honda, a shop that Cole was sponsored by at that time. Over time Chris and Cole developed a great relationship and when Cole wanted to start Fasst Company, he knew Chris was the perfect partner. 20 years later and Chris is still in the office daily. Nowadays he spends most of his spare time on mountain bikes or tearing his house apart. Chris built a high school mountain bike team from the ground up here in Southern Utah, the team started with 30 racers and has grown to almost 200 racers. Both of Chris' sons have raced for the team and were the reason he started it. Chris' biggest passion has always been keeping kids on bikes, moto and mtb. 

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Jason Parsons

General Manager

Jason has been around motorcycles since he was old enough to walk. Like Cole, Jason has a vast knowledge of moto history that hasn't proven valuable yet but we're optimistic it might one day. Jason raced moto and off road at a high level then eventually went on to mountain bikes. In fact, he's a graduate of our rider support program on the moto side. Jason was one of our top off road racers when we brought him on to do rider support, tech support, and trackside support. He played a big role in the early development of our mountain bike handlebar and has done about every job on the office side of things here at Fasst Company. We're stoked to have him here to keep the wheels rolling smoothly.  

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Eric Snow


Eric might be our biggest success story here at Fasst Company. Eric raced amateur moto as a kid before realizing he was ridiculously good at everything he put his mind to. From moto to mtb, jet skis to off road trucks, everything he does he does exceptionally well. Eric came to work at Fasst Company when he was a young kid, just a freshman in high school. Over the years he's done about every job he could do here on the production side, and as Fasst Company grew to the point where we brought production in house, Eric slid right in front of those big beautiful CNC machines. Eric is the first machinist we've had in house. He started sweeping floors here at Fasst Company almost a decade ago, now he's a crucial pillar of the company. 

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Logan Huff

Rider/Dealer/Tech Support

If you call into Fasst Company, chances are you'll get Logan on the phone. By how friendly he is you may not realize the dude rips, but he does. Logan brings big energy to everything he does! He's a 2x Worcs Pro Am ATV Champion and has been making a name for himself in the pro class. Logan's also a graduate of our rider support program. He was a sponsored racer long before we brought him on board to do rider and dealer support. When he shuts his computer down at the end of the day, he's headed straight out for motos or gym work. Like you, he's committed to his racing goals and knows what it's like to work all week to make those goals happen. We're stoked to have Logan on board!

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Reese Tanner


Remember that high school mountain bike team Chris put together? Well Reese was on it all four years of high school. On top of years of NICA racing, Reese and her family are regulars at races like 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, 25 Hours of Frog Hollow, and a bunch of other endurance races throughout the southwestern US. Reese keeps things rolling on the shipping side of things here at Fasst Company and we're stoked to have her!



Sophia Phelps

Shop Production/Engineering

...Remember that high school mountain bike team Chris put together? Well Sophia's NICA/Crimson Cliff alumni too! Sophia rips. Moto, mtb, it doesn't matter. She's a 2x Loretta Lynn champ in the WMX class and currently chasing the revamped WMX series. On top of being a two wheel shredder, she's an engineering student during the week and putting that to use here at Fasst Company.




Strider Tidwell

Shop Production

Strider is Chris' oldest son and fresh out of high school. He shreds on a moto, a mountain bike, and since the day he was born he's watched the hard work it takes to make Fasst Company successful. It's no surprise that as he got older he became more intriguied and wanted to help. Before long he was here full time, carrying on the Tidwell torch here at Fasst Company. 





Meet and Greet

Axels a big happy guy. He's happiest laying in the sun and waiting for the UPS driver to bring snacks. Every now and then he'll bring you a ball and bark until you throw it. He's never met a stranger. 




Guard Dog

Nothing gets by Miley. Nothing. She prefers to be on the mtb trails.