Identifying Which Flexx Bar Bend You Have

Identifying Which Flexx Bar Bend You Have

Can't remember which Flexx Bar bend you run? There’s no part number on the bar that will tell you exactly which bend you have, but there’s a few quick measurements you can take to determine the exact bend.

Back sweep

Let’s start with the sweep stamp. Where the ⅞” handle presses into the dog leg, there’s a sweep stamp on that dog leg indicating the degree of back sweep. The sweep stamp is anodized over so you may need some good lighting to see it clearly. The stamp should either be a 10, 12, 14, 15 or 19. Photo of a 15 degree bar below for clarification. Sweep stamp circled in red.


Next is the height. On the bike side we have 3 different height bars; 63mm tall, 92mm tall, 116mm tall. These three bars are referred to as the Low, Standard, and Tall bars. On the ATV side we only have two bar heights. The 92mm tall bar known as the Quad Low, and the 116mm tall bar known as the Quad High. Photos below for clarification..

Pictured above is our tall bar, 116mm. Notice the bolt head (circled in red) of the elastomer bolts. The bolt head sits about an inch above the 1 1/8” mounting tube. This is the easiest way to visually determine which bar height you have.

Pictured above is our 92mm tall bar. Known as the standard height bar on the moto side, and the quad low on the atv side. This bar is similar to most stock bar heights on modern day off road bikes. Notice the head of the elastomer bolt (circled in red). Unlike the tall bar, there is no gap between the 1 1/8” mounting tube and the head of the bolt. In fact, the head of the bolt is cut and rests on the 1 1/8” center tube.

Pictured above is our 63mm tall bar. Known as the low bar on the moto side. This bar was designed specifically for riders running a sub mount (under the bar) steering damper that want a low bar to offset the added height. Notice the elastomer bolt is actually underneath the 1 1/8” center section on the low bar. This requires you to run a sub mount steering damper or a riser of at least 20mm, otherwise the bottom of the bar won’t clear the top of the fork caps. Even with a sub mount damper or a riser, you’re still be lower than most stock bar heights.


From there, the last measurement we need is the width. We have 4 options; A 29 inch wide Mini Bar. A 31 inch wide Enduro Bar. A 32 inch wide Moto Bar. And a 32.5 inch wide Adventure Bar. As you can see in the images below, we measure straight across, end to end. The bar on the top is the 31 inch wide Enduro Bar while the bar on the bottom is the 32 inch wide moto bar.

Now that you have the sweep, width, and height, you can determine which Flexx Bar bend you have. For example, 15 degree (*) Moto. Or 12* Enduro High. Or perhaps a 15* Quad Low (which would technically be the same bar as the 15* Enduro moto bar). Determine the sweep, then to the height, and then width.

If you still have trouble determining which bar bend you’re on give us a call or click HERE, we’re happy to help! 877.306.1801 or

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