Flexx Handlebars

The highest performing handlebar available. Combining less vibration, subdued impacts, and improved ergonomics for a better day riding.

Flexx Handlebar Mini
Flexx Handlebar Mini

Flexx Handlebar Mini

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Helping Small Hands Absorb Big Bumps

The disruptive aspect of riding for most mini riders is harsh landings and big bumps. Minimizing those impacts adds an element of comfort and safety to their time on the bike.

A rigid handlebar transfers vibration and abuse to the rider’s upper body. Flexx Handlebars dramatically reduce those impacts and vibration, allowing you to focus on riding instead of hanging on. Flexx Handlebars are assembled with a proprietary bushing in the pivot pin to isolate the handles from metal-to-metal contact. They ship with a variety of elastomers that allow you to further tune the bar to your preferences. This provides you with the highest performing handlebar available, combining less vibration, subdued impacts, and improved ergonomics for a better day riding. 

Getting to the races isn’t easy. Don’t let unnecessary hand and arm fatigue get in the way of your results.

    1. Dramatically Reduces Vibration

    2. Tunable

    3. Increased Control Mounting Room 

    4. Variety of Bends

    5. American Made With The Highest Quality Materials

    Customize your Flexx Handlebars with a graphic kit! Each kit comes with bar decals and numbers. Match your handlebar bar pad to the graphics for that factory look! 12 colors to choose from. Click HERE

    A big part of our passion here at Fasst Company is ergonomics. 

    What exactly is ergonomics? Ergonomics is the study of one’s efficiency in their working environment. 

    In other words, how efficient are you on your motorcycle or atv? Are you in the best position for the riding you’re doing? Are you in a powerful position on the bike to save a crash or minimize a crash? Do you have trouble keeping your elbows up? Ergonomics not only plays a massive role in comfort, it plays a massive role in safety. Imagine buying a new truck or van and not adjusting the seat position before driving it off the lot. Before long you’d be uncomfortable; and if you’re in a really bad position you’re not able to react quickly or confidently. Simply put, this is ergonomics. 

    As ergonomic specialists, we offer a wide variety of bar bends. The reason for the variety is that handlebars are not one size fits all. Consider a few different disciplines (adv, atv, dual sport, moto, etc.,) factor in a range of rider heights (conservatively 5’3” to 6’3”,) account for different goals (racing and recreational,) any limitations or restrictions (fused wrists, etc.,) and then the need for a variety of bar bends becomes apparent. Think back to adjusting the seat in a new vehicle; a few millimeters makes a big difference. It’s the same concept applied to a handlebar. Your handlebar is your main contact point between the bike and rider. It’s one of the few components you can change to accommodate different size riders.  

    With Flexx Handlebars not only do you have a variety of bar bends at your fingertips to run exactly what works best for you, but you also get unparalleled abuse reduction. This provides you with the highest performing handlebar available, combining less vibration, subdued impacts, and improved ergonomics for a better day riding. 

    If you’re unsure which bar bend to get, take a few minutes to chat with our ergonomic specialists. Even if you have a preferred bar bend that you’ve run on different bikes, after chatting with our ergo specialists we may find that small changes in height or sweep could add additional comfort. The bar bend you consider your preferred bend could be better. That’s the benefit of having a variety to choose from. 

    Flexx Handlebars are an investment, we want to be sure you’re on the best bar bend for the riding you're doing. We'd love to help you select the correct bend for your preferences, needs, and goals. Please email or call if you don’t see the bend cross reference you are looking for or you need help choosing the correct bend, we're happy to help!

    Need help selecting the best bar bend?

    Take a look at our bar bend charts HERE. If you have any added questions we'd love to help! Call (877) 306-1801 or email

    What Your Bar Position Is Telling You

    Flexx Handlebars are an investment. Consequently we spend more time helping customers determine the right bar bend for them and their preferences than any other handlebar brand. This is known as ergonomics, the study of ones efficiency in their working environment. 

    With Flexx Handlebars not only do you have a variety of bar bends at your fingertips to run exactly what works best for you, but you also get unparalleled abuse reduction. This provides you with the highest performing handlebar available, combining less vibration, subdued impacts, and improved ergonomics for a better day riding. You can learn more about our philosophy with abuse reduction HERE.

    Click the link below to see more detailed bar bend information. We have a list of OEM bar bends as well as popular bar bends, and what our most comparable bar bend is. 

    Already have Flexx Bars but aren't sure what bend they are? Click HERE to help identify which bar bend you have. 

     Bar Bend Guidance

    Curious which bar bend to run? Take a minute to read through our bar bend blogs! Don’t hesitate to holler with any questions or concerns regarding bar bend, we’re here to help and more than happy to do so!

    Need help selecting the best bar bend for you and your preferences? We'd love to help! Please call (877) 306-1801 or email.


    -KTM/Husqvarna 50/65/85 require oversize bar mounts.  KTM offers them in 3 different heights. Here are the heights and part #'s for the lower part of the bar mount: 32mm (KTM part #59401039032), 37mm (KTM part#59401039037), and 42mm (KTM part#59401039042). The lower bar mounts need to be paired with upper bar mount, part#77201038000.  We also suggest using KTM 35mm long bar mount bolts, part#0032100356S to secure the lower mounts to the triple clamp.

    -Our Mini bar is 29 inches wide and our Enduro bar is 31 inches wide. Both are built on the same center section.

    -Our Mini bar has 8 inches of control mounting room on each side, our Enduro has 9 inches of control mounting room.

    - On mini bikes the most common back sweeps are usually a 10° and 12°. 

    -Flexx Handlebars are 1 1/8" at the mounting section and 7/8" at the handles. 

    -We have a new low bar that’s 68mm tall. This means we now have 3 different bar heights: 68mm, 92mm, and 116mm.

    1. Flexx Handlebar

    2. Black handlebar pad

    3. Elastomer kit containing variety of compression and rebound elastomers.

    Generations of riders and decades of racing experience is at the core of Fasst Company. We ride, we race and we also buy cool parts for our dirt bikes, ATV’s and mountain bikes. However, we’re not Amazon. Our products, especially the Flexx Handlebars, take a long time to produce. We’re American Made, race oriented, comfort providing, customer service experts. We answer the phone, return emails, and care about our customers. If you need your Flexx handlebars “for a race this weekend” we suggest searching the web and buying through one of our many reputable dealers. Typically you will find many of the popular bends at one of our stocking dealers. If you like buying direct, we get it, it’s cool to have a direct relationship with the manufacture, and we like that too. #FasstFamily is not just a hashtag, it’s how we operate. If you have a connection with us, it’s forever, or for at least the time you are using our products. If you place an order for Flexx handlebars, you will be contacted right away via email (typically within 24hrs or sooner, CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER) with your shipping ETA. If we can’t meet your deadline, you will have the option to cancel and get a full refund. We will also help you find the bar through one of our dealers if you haven’t done so already. We’re here for you and want to get Flexx bars on your machine. If you are OK with the lead time, your order will ship when the handlebars are ready to go.

    What’s the hold up, why’s it taking so long for my order to ship? Manufacturing here in the United States is one of the best feelings. From start to finish, you have passionate people (that actually ride and race) handling your Fasst Company products. We also rely on outside partners for surface treatments, urethane production, and some machining to produce our products. Many things can affect lead times, anodize shops running behind, raw material shortages, machines down for repairs or shipping delays. Some things are in our control, many are not. We hope you can understand and be patient if your order is not shipping same day. Just know that once you get Flexx Handlebars on your bike, it will be worth the wait! Thank you for supporting our brand and welcome to the #FasstFamily

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    David Goodwill

    Called fasst for help picking the right bars for my daughters set up. Top quality and she likes them.